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Portfolio management is vital for anyone who has investable assets. With rapidly changing global markets, it is more vital now than at any time in the past to have a qualified professional making your investment-management decisions.

As a client of Farringdon Private Clients, you will have your own dedicated portfolio manager who will continually monitor your investments and help you create a long-term wealth strategy to meet your investment goals.

Our Portfolio Managers use modern portfolio theory and tactical-asset allocation in order to construct highly diversified portfolios of non-correlated assets. This will give you a portfolio with sustainable long-term growth without the volatility associated with investing in a single asset class, such as listed equities or property. Farringdon Private Clients portfolios contain investments spread across all asset classes, including:


Fixed Deposits

Money Market Instruments

Hedge Funds





To take maximum advantage of all these asset classes, Farringdon Private Client’s Investment Management Team use a wide variety of financial instruments including:

  • Collective Investments schemes
  • Listed Equities
  • Bonds
  • ETFs

Farringdon Private Client’s Portfolio Management Service offers a bespoke portfolio individually tailored to the particular investor’s needs. These range from low-risk portfolios, spread across fixed deposits, money markets and bonds, all the way through to aggressive portfolio management that invests in emerging markets and commodities.

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